How to be terrestrial?
A movement-based experiment or, the museum space as a rehearsal space, 2020

Participatory research project at ZKM
in the frame of UNESCO City of Media Arts and “Critical Zones” exhibition at ZKM Karlsruhe

What happens if we answer to the complex and global questions of our time through improvised movement?
The exhibition „Critical Zones. Observatories for Earthly Politics“ is full of with multilayered questions and concepts like the ‘Terrestrial‘ or ‚Gaia‘. We will approach these topics by reading them as instructions for movement – how will our bodies respond? And how can we decipher these responses? And how can we investigate embodiment if we meet virtually? The aware perception and movement of our bodies is a valuable source of knowledge and creativity! With the help of choreographic and performative tools as well as with a playful look at digital formats and online communication, we will improvise and learn together. No previous experience is necessary at all, just a desire to move and experiment!

This workshop is part of a series of online and offline workshops. You can book individual workshops, but you are invited to join multiple sessions, since they will build upon each other. Due to the improvised nature of the experiments each workshop will offer new experiences and an in depth understanding of the exhibition.