Formlos – Ästhetik der Zerstörung
performative art mediation workshop, 2016

Performative art mediation workshop within the frame of the exhibition „Formlos“, Junge Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

Jandra Boettger and I developed a performative workshop refering to Aska Jorn‘s theory of the new, the ugly, and the beautyful. We explored what it could mean to break conventions and ask the participants: Is this still a relevant question today? As overcoming tradition in order to renew was an idea of Modernity, if we believe art theory.
We visited the exhibition and asked questions about what we perceive as strange and ugly. Does this perception cause borders you want to cross?
We handed books (fully written ones) in order to document the experiences. They contained invitations to intervene.

We started to use the whole work and exhibition space: We drew and placed the artworks in the exhibition; we modified the artwork of another person; we translated an interest we have in an exhibited artwork in movement; we wrote a manifest and present it in front of the Kunsthalle.

Afterwards, the participants gave feedback: A lot of them felt a new way of perceiving an exhibition and found the need for playfullness and action inside of them.

Since then, the format of the performative workshop is a continous collaboration of Jandra Boettger and I with the professors of Karlshochschule Karlsruhe.

art mediators and documentation: Mira Hirtz and Jandra Boettger