Welcome to the Barbarium!
Performative Workshop, 2016

in the frame of reciprocal turn OFFLIVE #3: BARBARIANS WANTED, Luis Leu Karlsruhe

Real barbarians! Only today, only here!

We invite 12 people to take part in the material battle which transforms them into wonderful living beings, kannibalistic creatures, vagina vandalists…that is to say, in all that barbarians can be.
about reciprocal turn: reciprocal turn is an online journal for artistic practice and art theory as well as a label under which events take place, called OFFLIVE.

The thematic issues that are published twice a year provide a frame for investigations in various forms of expression: artistic works, theoretical essays and reviews are all dealing – each in its specific way – with the given theme. Neither do the theoretical essays serve as comments on the contributed artworks nor do the artworks serve as illustrations for the theory.
reciprocal turn is based on empathic thinking about art. We dedicate our empathic art theory to the question of todays possible value of art and culture, never taking it for granted while at the same time adamantly believing in it.

The reciprocal turn team:
Mira Hirtz and Johanna Ziebritzki, founders and editors.
Michail Rybakov, web developer.
Eva Tatjana Stuermer and Erik Schoefer, graphic desgners.
Jandra Boettger, art mediator.