space as potential of action
on gaps and imagination

In a perception of a very dense space, I keep researching for gaps. They are a
sensation of spatiality in which not everything is fixed, not all is mapped as
in cartography, but is bears unknown places, situations to be encountered,
movements to be evoked. Like windows they open, and within a space they is more
space, or different space. These gaps are not bound to time in a way that they
do not exist, and then after a reshaping of space they appear as something
completely new which history has not seen before. But they do appear in a rhythm
of closing and opening, in a temporarily manner. Also they are bound to
causality; certain attentions make them likely to appear, for me.

Hubert Godard describes space in the interview “Phenomenological space” as the
imaginary building of our relationship to the world and kinesphere as gradient
of perspective, a range of ways I am able to notice the space around my body.
There is no space out of time and history, space is of action: “When you
perceive a vector, perception accelerates (it boils on itself). Space is not
empty. It is a space of action.” My own experience that the biggest joy as well
as biggest shift, which feels like the whole being-in-the-world changes, that I
perceive in bodywork and dance is due to perception of space, it finds an
affirmation. Godard says that “in fact what is also limited is my potential for
action and imagination. Because at a very deep level, it’s a space where I will
be doing something I cannot imagine. And in this potential of action or
subjective space, there are some movements that are completely repressed, some
are really there, some are not possible, and some are yet to be evoked. […] I
think the best way to work with people in dance or in therapy about the question
of space is to help them understand their potential of action, their subjective
space. […] demonstrating that the way I am building my imaginary space affects
my body.” That is all the explanation i need for my love for these practices I
pursue in the last years, and for the deepening believe in their necessity for
world, environment, society, relationship.

In my sensory imagination gaps appear in a pattern, not single and absolute in
the centre of my body scheme. If they open up in the centre, then also shortly
next to it, on the periphery. They almost suck my in, or rather the edges around
them seems to address a desire in my movement. I am becoming a flush of energy
bounding and responding. I am not the figure against the background of space
anymore, but surrounded by worlds and entities and lines. Concrete, improvised
energies floating on abstract potentialities. Is this utopia? The space of
action “in which “inside/outside,” “me and the space,” are the same. There is
just one. Is it movement, a space with all the movement happening in space. And
this is a goal in bodywork and dance – to open the full potential for action.”