too familiar
‹I don't dance on a daily basis because that's too familiar›

said Anna Halprin in a recent interview in frieze magazine (July 2016).
Thank you Anna Halprin, for formulating your approach to be a artist-performer.
You care about internalizing what one does, not externalizing style.

Could be a wise saying for life as well.

I like to do unfamillar stuff. But there is also something tempting about unfamiliarity, in
a similar way us it is tempting to celebrate uncertainty of identity.

Halprin talks about the center as well, the red spot on the diagonale between navel and sacrum.
That center that is more an energy of connecting than a place for sinking in deep
self-exploration. ‹I like to think of authenticity as an inaugurating ability to open up
anew towards al kind of concepts, not as an inner exclusive path of truth,
always hidden yet to be found.›