performance within the frame of HfG summer exhibition 2016

Dear suspicious body …

was a text, written by myself, spoken by Carola, i listened to via headphones. The words are like a melody, an onomatopoeic muttering, coming out of the foam and moving my body within space. I feel stretched and compressed by it. I breath into the dynamic network of pieces, that widen my limbs.

We are in a niche, yet we, me, the material, and the audience are also in the open lost space of the halation. We all are the suspicious body. We all are the contamination of space, to process of contaminating it, already and again and again.

The contamination of unpredictability, of flexible soft skilling relation to the world, within it, in between our ideas and the haptic materials. The contamination of mixing those categories, until we are a sensing machines. The contamination of upholstering a precarious fragile self and its un-authenticity.

And then I go. I pack my things and leave, out to the street. I feel the material-eyes of material-passengers, of material-people in the cafĂ©. All potential materials, but they don’t know. I change clothes in the middle of material-flowers in a shop. The contamination of possible materiality. Does not end.

du kontaminierst den raum und um eins/you contaminate space and at one pm was another version of the performance in Badischer Kunstverein, titled suspicious body.