pervert conversation
Performance, 2016

performance in the frame of transmission art festival in Orgelfabrik Durlach

soma somasomasie und er, sie stopfenbauenspringen küssenleckensingensie und er, sie sindwerdenwaren wollensollenbarbarbaren
sie nnlich
und er regt
oder anders herum und gleichzeitig bewegt
soma soma sum sumsoma
somasome her and he, they stuffbuiltjump kisslickbumbher and he, they willwereare wantshouldbarbar
sensu her ly and gentl he
in upsidedown groove
they simultaneously move
soma soma smooth

We explore the material of foam and the thereby developing movements, touches, costumes, and scenes. It is a pervert participation, a pervert equality of fleshes and things. We approach a conversation which is not understandable, yet humorous, queer, and moving – both bodily and emotional –, which is simultaneous and stumbling.
Three moving performers meet with one perfor- mer reading associations, reacting only atmo- spheric and not content wise. We improvise, thus four moods form our choreography: getting into the material and expanding our bo- dies; making the evolving movements dynamic; stillness in order to sense the vibration; melting and separating.
Yes, we talked about Latour‘s parliament of things. And about Deleuze‘s body without
organs. Still, all the stories are narrating them- selves, as all the four performers focus on the melting process with the foam, other bodies, space, and sound. There is no message to be told in a linear manner, no theatrical character to be shown.
Which forms of bodies are manifesting? Which methods of performing conversations? Which sounds and voices occur? How soft will the conversation be?

in collaboration with Carola Lingelbach, Moritz Stotzka und Michael Rybakov
special thanks to Karolina Sobel and the team of transmission art festival
to Michael Rybakov for camera
to Jo Ziebritzki and Mona Altmann for their critical minds
to Sophie Lichtenberg and Matratzenfabrik Karlsruhe for sponsoring material