Somatic City
Performative Workshop, 2015

performative workshop in the frame of the exhibition in LAF, project space in Pforzheim

The performative workshop consists of three parts. It takes place in the frame of an exhibition in a temporally used vacant building in Pforzheim. People were able to sign in a list for a slot of 30 minutes.
For the first part I prepare the space with cus- hions and matts, dimmed lightning, and several objects lining up the wall. During a session I invite the participants to follow me in several breathing, imaginative, and attention excercises. I include slight touch and guidance through the space if they agree. The last excercise consists of the imagination that breath can widen the ability to touch the immediate surrounding up to touching the whole city.
For the second part I hand a sheet that tells about the transfer of these excercises to public space. I propose sitespecifc usages.
For the third part I ask the participants to take one of the objects and bring back another one in exchange.
Hereby I draw, inspired by the guided city tours of the DADAist‘s and the strawling tasks of the International Situatist‘s, towards a somatic map- ping of the city. I want to explore the situative knowledge our body within the city, a self-au- tonomous playful mode. How to awaken the senses? First of all, there is the question about what the own body is. It is not its contures. It can grow and shrink, concentrate and spread. To focus on perception does not mean to enpo- wer the usual patterned subjective perspective. Instead, it aims to encourage curiosity for the presence of objects and secenes in which we move. How to develop a cellular, slow, yet attentive state of being within architecture, patterns shaped by working schedules, and together with people more and less recognized as citizens?