Artistic projects

Performative Video Tutorials
Video series, 2020
Homemade Routines: Yielding
Instagram Performances, 2020
being part of nature, somehow
Performative Installation, 2019
Invisible Nagivation
Somatic movement research on site and Video, 2019
Micro Worlds
Participatory movement score, 2019
Performance Event, 2017
suspicious body
Performance, 2016
pervert conversation
Performance, 2016
Chapter On The Barbaric Body
Performative Research, 2016
Somatic City
Performative Workshop, 2015


Mediation and curation

How to be terrestrial?
A movement-based experiment or, the museum space as a rehearsal space, 2020
How do we care?
Co-Curation at Badischer Kunstverein Karlsruhe, 2020
Creative Movement
Reciprocal Turn
Platform for artistic practice and art theory, 2013-2017
documenta14, 2017
Welcome to the Barbarium!
Performative Workshop, 2016
Formlos – Ästhetik der Zerstörung
performative art mediation workshop, 2016


again the suspicious body
on somatic research within groups
imagining proximities
dwelling in sites
on authenticity and creation of art
insights that I owe to my colleagues
space as potential of action
on gaps and imagination
on allowing
after a few months
embodiment of models
after some london weeks filled with graphs and patterns
recapitulation of GSPRCH
3rd of August 2017, KMMN, Kassel
on embarrassment
and its non-radical shades of greyish
too familiar
‹I don't dance on a daily basis because that's too familiar›
performance within the frame of HfG summer exhibition 2016
The riding gum
into the wild

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